FreightW is an online ERP system for logistics companies involved in the business of transport & logistics (3pl), packaging, customs clearing and freight forwarding. With FreightW ERP, you can take your local office with you next time you travel on your business trip and make better business decisions every time...

Integrated Modules

CRM System

Manage your Customers, Vendors and Agents all in one place. Manage their contacts with a primary contact person for attention in Quotes, Job Cards and Invoices and for all your freight forwarding documents. Never loose a contact again, ever!

Freight Forwarding Operations

Need to send Quotes to existing or new clients? Start with Quotes management and post Jobs and Invoices upon approval. So much ease with appropriate flow of information. You won't have to add same data multiple times. Manage Airway Bills, Arrival & Delivery Notes and so much more...

Accounts Management System

Let your accounts department do what they're supposed to do: COLLECT MONEY! more and more... With one-click operation; mark the Job as complete and automatically post relevant vouchers in an integrated accounting system. Keep an eye on gross monthly profits with comprehensive yet simple reports.

Available Features

Customers Relationship

-Manage Parties/Customers details -Manage contact persons within a party/customer

Operations Management

- Manage Quotes (email to customers from within system) - Manage Jobs (with or without quotes) - Approve/Un-approve/Close/Complete Jobs - Multi-Currency Invoicing System - Manage Sales/Purchase Invoices - Manage Debit/Credit Notes - Automatic creation of Sale/Purchase Vouchers on Job Completion - Bill of Lading - Arrival Notice - Shipment Notice - Delivery Order - Documents Management (attachments) - Emails to customers from within system

Accounts Management

- Manage Branches - Manage Chart of Accounts - Manage Vouchers (BR/BP/SV/PV/CR/CP/J3) - Approve/Un-approve Vouchers - Print Bank Cheques - Party Ledger - Month-wise Gross Profit & Loss Statement - Debtors/Creditors Statement of Accounts - Accounts Trial Balance Report - Accounts Profit & Loss Statement - Accounts Balance Sheet

System Management

- Manage Roles - Manage access to different sections/features of the system - Manage Users - Backup Database - Backup Files Attachments

History of FreightW ERP System

FreightW software was developed in 2015 in consultation with a well established freight forwarding company based in Lahore and formally launched for our first customer in July 2016. FreightW has been running successfully in three companies since then. This secure cloud based hosted solution comes with premium hosting, SSL for web security, support & maintenance, daily auto backups and free features upgrades as & when available.
  • 2017

    Added many new features in 2017

    2018 has been an exciting year as we have developed many new features, making it more stable, feature rich and robust using latest tools & technologies. We are expanding with more companies on board through PIFFA Pakistan platform.

  • 2016

    In 2016 we've grown fast

    Made many features rich updates in the system based on the feedback provided by two companies actively using FreightW ERP system.

  • 2015

    We were born in 2015

    FreightW was conceded in second half of 2015. This cloud servers based hosted solution is now being used by two freight forwarding companies in Lahore and Karachi.

Our Clients

Our prestigious clients who are successfully using this software...
Logistic Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. - Lahore
Global Cargo System (Pvt.) Ltd. - Karachi
JBF Goods Transport Company (Pvt.) Ltd. - Sahiwal


FREE Version
For Startups

  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Parties/Customers
  • Up to 500 Quotations per year
  • Up to 250 Jobs per year
  • Multi-Currency Invoices, Debit/Credit Notes
  • Basic Financial Reports
  • Backup & Download Option
  • 1 GB Disk Space

USD 55 per month
USD 550 per year

  • Up to 5 Users
  • Unlimited Parties/Customers
  • Unlimited Quotations
  • Up to 1000 Jobs per year
  • Create Jobs from Quotes
  • Multi-Currency Invoices, Debit/Credit Notes
  • Manage Announcements/Notices
  • Gross P&L Report
  • Backup & Download Option
  • 2 GB Disk Space

USD 100 per month
USD 1,000 per year

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Parties/Customers
  • Unlimited Quotations & Jobs
  • Manage Attachments
  • Multi-Currency Invoices, Debit/Credit Notes
  • Manage Announcements/Notices
  • Gross P&L Report
  • Companies-wise Report
  • Sales Tax Invoice
  • Backup & Download Option
  • 5 GB SSD Space